Smart fertilizers

Environmentally friendly coating technology

Coated fertilizer granules

Fertilization techniques and programmes become more and more precise due to desired yield results based on global population growth as well as new legislations in terms of environment. Smart fertilizers coating technology is applied to each granule covering it by biodegradable material that unlike other coatings, is more cost effective due to its ingredient composition and type of application used in production or post-production processes in factory.

Coating prevents nutrients from leaching and releases then only when certain growth conditions are met. Technology is based on soil and plant demand during the plant growth stages, therefore it is highly productive for various agricultural practices. Coated formulation can be supplemented by specific amounts of secondary nutrients, such as calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), and sulphur (S) and trace elements as boron (B), iron (Fe) and zinc (Zn). Recently we started to add Selenium and several treated blends have received quality recognition from farmers in Nordic countries. There are various other micronutrients that needs and physically can be added to different fertilizers, bulk blends and straights making them useful for the whole world.

Quality Control and technology recognition

All fertilizers treated by Smart Fertilizers coating technology go through a test chain at different production stages. Coating plant and its products are controlled by Global Inspection agency which additionally performs loading witness Inspection and Analysis Services according to the requirements in fertilizer production, various cargo handling and logistics services. “Smart fertilizers” inventors have filed a patent at USPTO in 2017.


This technology can be applied to various bulk blends and straight fertilizers depending on its technical parameters. Before processing, product department team runs laboratory tests checking and adjusting some of the composition elements to guarantee product final quality requirements.

In photo: Fertilizer warehousing after Smart fertilizer technology had been applied to raw material and before further shipment to its client.


We believe that Smart fertilizers technology with its highly efficient coating formulations will help farmers to increase their production, while reducing the total costs and impact on the environment. Since we are preparing a complete supply chain, we can say with confidence that we are reducing the waste across the chain. From the production process itself to the packaging and transportation we select the most suitable and sometimes even tailored solutions to meet the goal of highly productive agricultural practices.

In photo: Complex fertilizers with applied technology being loaded on board on vessel (in bulk).